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With forum links, you generate organic backlinks and traffic, which boosts your link growth and protects you from Google penalties.

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Safe from penalties

Forum links are protected from Google penalties because they are organic link sources on the one hand and dilute the link profile on the other hand.


Link growth

Google rewards the development of links! An increasing number of domains can be linked via forum links.



Links that provide traffic are particularly effective. Therefore, at TrafficGeeks, we prefer to place links in active and topic-relevant forums.

This is what we do:

All topics

Regardless of the topic, we have the right forum for you!

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DoFollow links, topic relevance, and a backflip? No problem! Let's do this!


Our team only creates forum links that have been approved by storytelling experts.

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Service Beginner Professional Enterprise
Word count in the post 75 – 100 100 – 150 150 – 200
Topic-relevant forums ✅ + particularly strong ✅ + particularly strong
Even distribution
Keyword selection
Mature accounts
Link guarantee (including free replacement) 3 months 6 months 12 months
Live Portal access
SEO optimization
Price (per unit,10+ units) 35,99 € 49,99 € 69,99 €
Price (per unit, 25+ units) 31,99 € 44,99 € 62,99 €
Price (per unit, 50+ units) 27,99 € 42,99 € 59,99 €
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Contact us now and book forum links!

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Frequently asked questions: prejudices are put away; the most important questions are being examined.

Forums are virtual places on the Internet where people exchange their thoughts and opinions on certain topics. To do this, people create a user profile in the respective forum. Only after that are they allowed to create topics in which, for example, they describe a problem or generally gather information. Users can also comment on topics that have already been created, thus helping other people with their concerns. To do this, they write forum posts.
There are both general forums and those with a specific theme. The content in forums is mainly generated by users and checked by administrators, e.g., to delete the affected forum posts if usage guidelines are violated. Depending on how carefully a forum is maintained by the operator(s), the forum may have particularly high or low quality.
The principle by which Google and other search engines evaluate the quality and, thus, the ranking of a forum in the search results is basically the same as for other websites. The more high-quality information on a forum page, and the more frequently this page is viewed, the more visible that page is. However, in recent years, the coin has flipped, and user-generated content (ugc = user generated content) now has drawbacks in comparison to other website material.

Forum links are hyperlinks that lead from a forum page to a non-forum website. These external links can enhance traffic to the linked website, boost the website’s popularity, and improve its ranking in search results.
If you are a website owner, you can use forum links as backlinks for your website. Unlike other websites, you do not have to pay for the backlink, but simply create a user profile in your desired forum, write and publish a post there, and link to your website in this post.

  • Forum links are integrated into the topic context of the relevant keyword, ensuring a high-quality and content-appropriate linking structure. If implemented correctly, link generation from forums can be a highly effective method of ranking boosting.
  • There are a few more budget-friendly ways of generating external links for your website other than forum links. If you manually post topic links in the forums of your choice, this form of backlink generation is completely free.
  • Due to the lower price, it is beneficial to purchase several forum links and customize their anchor text. This includes your personal brand, keyword combinations, URLs and other types of anchor. The result is a broad variety of anchor texts, which makes a more natural impression on Google and the other search engines and protects against penalties.
  • Forum users, as potential customers or readers of your website, can reach the subpage you want via the link in the forum post. This means additional traffic. The additional traffic has a favorable influence on your website’s rating by search engines and can help you enhance your ranking in the search results.
  • The visitors who come to your website via a forum post are usually excellent leads because they are genuinely interested in the topic at hand. (Otherwise, they probably wouldn’t have read through all the forum discussion to find the forum link to your site among the many forum posts).
  • Link building is an essential part of search engine optimization (SEO) and falls into the special field of OffPage SEO. In link building, the most natural distribution of different types of links is desirable. Forum links dilute the link profile and, in this way, promote natural link distribution.
  • At the basic level, forum links boost the growth of your website. This general benefit is evident from the previous bullet point, in a high-quality and diverse way.

A high-quality forum link is characterized by the fact that the link in the forum is in a place that is thematically relevant to the linked website. The forum should have as much traffic as possible and as high ranking in the search engines as possible, so the qualitative guidelines apply to other types of links and websites as well.
Other criteria that affect the quality of links are the position of the link within the content, the anchor text, and the link distribution. All of this can be determined in case of a forum link that you provide or an SEO agency provides.
The link distribution means whether the link is set to DoFollow feature and the content is crawled by the search engines or whether setting the nofollow attribute prevents crawling. For forums with high quality, using a DoFollow attribute makes sense because you maximize the positive effect of backlinks from forums. Since 2020, there is also a new link attribute with “ugc” for user-generated content, but its use is not recommended. According to several expert opinions, the use of the attribute only leads to Google devaluing the quality of the link.

Make sure that you place the links in forums that have quality content and have good rankings in search engines. Unfortunately, there are numerous forums that are of low quality. In the course of the algorithm updates in recent years, more and more forums are losing massive visibility, because Google classifies them worse than years ago. A forum link from such a forum would make little sense for your link profile and may even harm it.
Low quality forums are one of the reasons why forum links are viewed with suspicion in some forums. A bad forum link might act as spam for your site, reducing its visibility. Some companies even hire low-quality forum backlinks to harm their competitors’ SEO as an illegal and unethical strategy: they link to their competitors’ websites on low-quality forums, lowering their competitors’ SEO. Fortunately, there are programs to help companies defend themselves. The Disavow tool provided by Google offers the possibility to report bad backlinks and invalidate them this way.
So, only use premium forum links that fit coherently into your overall search engine marketing as part of a consistent SEO and backlink strategy. You can get such premium forum links, for example, from companies like our SEO agency. We have the experience, know-how, capacity, and strategies to help our clients achieve top search engine rankings through forum links as part of a comprehensive SEO strategy.

SEO texts form the basis of good search engine optimization. Anyone who provides high-quality content on their website, covers relevant keywords, and follows a systematic strategy, will ideally gain backlinks over time without having to make an effort, because other website owners voluntarily link to high-quality pages.
However, the vast majority of backlinks are self-organized. Backlink generating techniques include link purchase, link rental, and link exchange. Moreover, there are other amazing backlink generation techniques, such as the PBN links we offer.