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Other Exclusive costs for PBN Domain
Recommended for Affiliates Agencies Owners of 10+ Web Projects
From 1 PBN Link Monthly 30,00 € per PBN Link Einmalig 250,00 € Einmalig 649,00 €
From 10 PBN links Monthly 27,70 € per PBN Link One time 230,00 € One time 619,00 €
From 25 PBN Links Monthly 25,00 € per PBN Link One time 200,00 € One time 589,00 €
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Buy PBN Links Now! Buy PBN Links Now!
Buy PBN Links Now! Buy PBN Links Now!


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What is the Private Blog Network, how it works and how to build it?

A PBN is a private blog network. You own several domains on this network where you run different blogs. The main purpose of blog networks today is to link from the different domains to one or more main pages. This main page is usually the home page of a larger project that is the focus of your business activities and which you want to monetize.

PBN links (alternatively and outdated: PR links) are links that you place within a Private Blog Network. All these links have one goal: they are supposed to level a so-called money site with topic-relevant backlinks. Money sites are websites that are most important to you financially and for monetization purposes. These are usually the starting pages of larger projects.

Since link building plays an indispensably important role in search engine optimization (SEO) and good backlinks are expensive or hard to come by, PBNs represent a relevant strategy for link building (link building tactic): they are comparatively inexpensive, and once PBN link building is implemented correctly, it becomes a bear-strong component of your SEO strategy.

The reason for some negative reports about PBNs is the poor implementation of this link building tactic. The first thing to consider about this topic is that almost any SEO measure can have a negative impact on search engine rankings if it is poorly implemented: too many keywords in texts are negatively evaluated by search engine algorithms, backlinks with wrong attributes can decrease their effect, and incorrectly set alt attributes for images on the website are capable of contributing to over-optimization of the content.
Now, the crux of blog networks is that they are a complex link building strategy. And as with complex strategies, the risks are greater with faulty implementation than with simple strategies. But when you want to be successful, do you reject using complex and, at the same time, potentially promising strategies? That’s right: not at all! For SEO, Private Blog Networks and PBN links are strategies worth the extra effort because, in case of implementing them correctly, you’ll get the strongest homepage links for your money site and monetize both faster and better.
But what does this proper implementation of Private Blog Networks look like? What do you need to do (or to make your online marketing agency do) to improve your website’s rankings in search results safely, successfully, and completely risk-free?

Building link networks is a complex process that requires the consideration of numerous components for risk-free and successful implementation. In addition, a comprehensive content marketing plan must be designed for all blogs and your target website. As follows, we will give you a basic overview of how to build a private blog network and associated blog network links.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us, because as SEOs we have already built up numerous blog networks and helped various websites succeed. We are happy to support you with all topics around PBNs; these special and promising networks.
Step 1: Buy/create and host domains.
A network is not created until it has multiple members or components. In Private Blog Networks, the individual domains take on the role of these components: Depending on how big you want your blog network to be, you either buy domains or create new domains and host them.
At this point, we have already come to the key factor of a functioning blog network that is safe from being penalized: You have to use a different C-Class IP address for all domains so that Google and the other search engines can not determine that all domains are yours. If the search engine algorithms determine that the Private Blog Network is yours, your link building strategy will be busted and you will be penalized.
At our agency, the SEOs make sure that the domains are hosted with different C-class IP addresses when you buy your own PBN setup. With link rentals as well as link purchases, you use our strong domains anyway and acquire high-quality PBN links where you don’t have to worry about IP addresses.
Step 2: Fill each domain in the blog network with content
In order to get a high-quality backlink to your main website from each private blog, you need to have topic-relevant content on the blogs. Therefore, you analyze keywords. The best way is to use niche keywords and have a separate niche for each blog. Within the niche, you manage to quickly achieve good rankings, so that many niches level up the main website that you want to monetize. So, each domain is a part of an overall content marketing concept that needs to be worked out and aligned with your main website in terms of content.
You can also avoid this step of filling each domain with relevant, high-quality, and SEO-optimized content by buying or renting our ready-made PBNs. If you buy your own PBN setup from us, we will create domains with high-quality content for you.
Step 3: Link within the PBN and vary anchor texts
This 3rd step includes another key factor for the risk-free nature of a PBN: diversification of anchor texts. Similar to the case with forum links and, generally, with link construction, anchor texts of different types are to be used.
Always using only the main keyword as the anchor text for a backlink is a common mistake made by operators in their private blog network. Successful and risk-free link building exists through the use of different anchor text types:

  • Brand
  • URL
  • keywords and much more.

We also pay attention to this when setting up the networks. Your private blog as well as the entire content marketing concept will be provided with diversified anchor texts so that the link building will create an even more natural impression – that’s how Google and Co. love it!

“Black Hat SEOs” is a term for SEO agencies and service providers that resort to measures that violate Google’s guidelines for search engine optimization. The fact here is that nothing illegal is done with it, but only gray areas are used. As long as the SEOs make the networks for the customers as natural as possible and hide the connection of the domains within the networks, the Private Blog Network can be classified as harmless. Thus, the term “Black Hat” casts an unjustly negative image of the PBNs.